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Amberson OUAC Seminar for Grade 12 Students

Amberson College

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Top University Admission Seminars for Amberson Students

Every year, Amberson High School hosts admission seminars where we invite top universities to provid ..
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Amberson students attend Ontario Universities’ Fair

On September 23, Amberson High Schools students attend the Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF). The OUF ..
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Welcome to Amberson Family

Welcome to all our students who are starting their days at Amberson! We wish you a memorable school ..
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Amberson Orientation Week: Welcome to Amberson

  2016-2017 School Year's Amberson Orientation Week will be taking place from Monday, August ..
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Amberson Commencement and Prom

Students of Amberson High School attended Commencement and Prom on June 16 at Eglinton Grand Ha ..
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