Amberson High School provide home-stay arrangement services for international students. For those who wish to dive in the Canadian culture, the home-stay family will be a good accommodation choice. All students will be arranged in safe and secure family homes, within close proximity to the school and public transportation. In order to secure our students? safety, all home-stay families undergo a detailed interview in their home to evaluate their suitability for hosting international students.


  • Security-checked, friendly, and caring families
  • Three meals per day (lunch provided by school)
  • Friendly and safe neighbourhood
  • Convenient public transportation

Homestay Application Procedure:


  • Student submits the Homestay Application Package to after receiving student visa;
  • Student Service Department at Amberson will arrange homestay family in accordance to student?s requests;
  • Student will receive a homestay fee list through email. After paying the homestay fee, student need to send the wire transfer remittance to;
  • Address and photos of the homestay could be provided upon request;
  • Student need to submit the Arrival Confirmation at least one month prior to arrival Please contact the admissions office at for more information;


We provide airport pick-up for international students who arrive in Toronto, Canada. Airport pick-up and drop-off service is available by reservation. Please schedule your service with front desk receptionist at least Two Weeks prior to your traveling.


According to the requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, anyone who wishes to apply for a student visa must satisfy six basic requirements including that student must be accepted by a Canadian educational institution and provide confirmation of acceptance, and prove that they have enough financial sources to afford study, etc. According to the current processing time, we suggest students submit their applications at least 3 months prior to the time they are required to be in Canada.

Upon arrival in Canada for the first time, an immigration officer will issue the student a study permit, which will be valid only for a certain period of time, at the port of entry. If the student does not finish his or her study in Canada before the expiry of the study permit, he or she must apply for an extension of study permit at least 30 days prior to the expiry date.

Other than study permit, students from certain countries also need to have a valid temporary resident visa (TRV) to come into Canada . To those students, if they leave Canada during the validity of their study permit, and wish to come back to continue their studies, they will need a TRV.

Amberson will notify students 3 months prior to the expiration date of their Study Permit, so that the students would have enough time to apply for an extension. Amberson will also provide a step by step instruction to students for study permit extension and TRV application.



This service is available to visa students only. As per Ontario Ministry of Education?s requirement, all visa students who study full-time in Canada must be covered by medical insurance. Students who fail to do so ONE WEEK prior to registration will be mandatorily purchase an insurance by Amberson at student?s own cost.

In order to help students focusing on their academic studies without worrying about other aspects of their lives. Amberson accompanies our students every step of the way. We also provide Hospital Accompaniment Service towards any enrolled student if there is an emergency or the student request to do. Our Home-stay Supervisor and Teaching Staff would be love to take care of the students.




While completing the minimum 40 hours of community services required by the Ontario Ministry of Education, Amberson Students develop awareness and understanding of their civic responsibility.

Students enjoy the results of their contributions in supporting and strengthening communities. Each year, Amberson provides various oppotunities for students to participate in various meaningful community services.