Amberson EAP Program is an EAP-based program designed specifically for international students with a satisfactory course average for renowned North American universities but lacking in English abilities. This program partners with CultureWorks, one of the largest language training facilities, to help students meet university-level language requirements without third-party language test results.

Students in this program will enjoy the following advantages:
1. Exclusive – the only school with an EAP program in Toronto;
2. Flexible – Multiple entry points throughout the year
3. Targeted – Enhances academic English for universities
4. Small class size, intensive training
5. Shorten study period, lower cost

Students are strongly recommended to have a result of 5.5 or more in IELTS before applying to the EAP program. Also, students are required to complete a placement test. Upon successful entry into the EAP program, and meeting all academic requirements, students will receive a Conditional Offer of Admission from one of the following universities:
• Western University
• Carleton University
• University of Ontario Institute of Technology
• Durham College
• Etc.

For more information on our programs, please contact